June 23 brought the first day of a two day active pattern over N-NE Italy. A broad 30-35 kt WNW mid-level jet overspread the region while a steady 10-15 kt SW surface wind over the plain producedĀ about 40 kt DLS (and SREH3 in the ~200 m2/s2 range). There was some moderate instability in place across […]

June 13 saw a marginal setup develop over CNTRL Slovenia with DLS around 30 kt and 800-1000 J/kg MLCAPE. Vertical wind profiles were not particularly favourable so helicity was rather low, so I did not expect much in terms of storm organization. A weakly organized convective line formed over NW Slovenia in mid afternoon, but […]

May 11 saw a potentially explosive tornadic setup developing over the plains of Veneto and Friuli. Moderate instability of 1000 J/kg MLCAPE overlapped with a very impressively sheared environment. A 50 kt 500 mbar westerly jet was present ahead of the cold front, with a strong 20-30 kt SE-E surface jet developing across the Veneto […]

Solar Cycle 24 has been somewhat scarce in terms of mid-latitude aurora as there have been few very complex and active sunspots. On February 25th sunspot group AR 1990, returning for its third rotation (!), produced a strong X4.9 flare. It caused a fast full-halo coronal mass ejection, but as the sunspot was still near […]

Day 3 of the active pattern. Still under a strong mid-level jet with 50 kt 500 mbar winds and another shortwave passing through, creating a very favourable low level wind pattern with strong backing surface winds. With SST still around 23-24 Ā°C there was strong WAA in the Friuli and Veneto plains. Temperatures hovered around […]

September 9th was the second day of a 3-day active pattern over the northern Adriatic with supercells forming in NE Italy plains. Conditions were favourable, with a 40 kt SW mid-level jet and up to 1500 J/kg CAPE. A strengthening southeasterly low-level wind would acompany a shortwave passage in the evening, increasing shear and helicity. […]