Medvode (CNTRL SLO) HP supercell, June 13, 2014

June 13 saw a marginal setup develop over CNTRL Slovenia with DLS around 30 kt and 800-1000 J/kg MLCAPE. Vertical wind profiles were not particularly favourable so helicity was rather low, so I did not expect much in terms of storm organization. A weakly organized convective line formed over NW Slovenia in mid afternoon, but as it progressed south a somewhat better defined tail end storm appeared in the radar imagery, displaying right mover characteristics. I made a quick 5 km drive to a clear spot north of Ljubljana and was greeted with a rather well-developed HP supercell with some impressive structure. The old mesocyclone had just occluded, visible in the background. while the new mesocyclone began forming a rotating wall cloud.

This was by far the best view of the storm. Afterwards it soon began to line out, while producing a strong wet downburst over SW part of Ljubljana, causing severe wind damage and local flash flooding.

IMG_5473-3am panocopyR


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